Smart List HD - Shopping List

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This app was designed to be the fastest, simplest and yet most powerful shopping list.

Create a beautiful shopping list in a few taps !

Use prepared lists so you can shop again for the same items with minimal effort every week. Get access to lots of predefined items for food or beverages with beautiful icons for each category.

Plan your meals before you shop at your store so you get only exactly what you need for your delicious recipes to make your friends and family happy while keeping your budget.

Of course you can add or edit your own items and customize everything to fit your needs.

This app will help you organize and maintain your ideal diet, whether you are just lovers of good food who like to support local products or buy only organic whole foods.

It can be adapted to your needs and your culture, for example if you are vegan or vegetarian or if you have to be specially careful because of an allergy or lactose or gluten intolerance.

Get and eat exactly what you want in order to live a long and healthy life !
You will never need another shopping list.

Get it NOW !

Tip: You can use it also for your own tasks or todo items on longer term projects.

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